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English Civil War

The presentation is usually of two hour duration, split into two sessions of an hour each.

I dress in the costume of a Royalist officer, and talk about the background to the war as well as the main points of the conflict itself.

The presentation is illustrated by a variety of artefacts, mainly reproduction but some which are original.

Points which are discussed include:

  • Religious strife and the growth of the Puritan influence
  • Charles’ ideas on the Divine Right of Kings
  • The growing power of parliament
  • The period of self-rule
  • The Bishops’ wars
  • The war begins
  • The men involved
  • Edgehill, Marston Moor and Naseby
  • The New Model army
  • The aftermath
  • The execution of the king

An Activity day includes the above with an afternoon spent engaged in a hands-on session with the children in 17th Century costume.

The activities include:

  • Pike drill
  • Making pomanders
  • Candle dipping
  • Handling artefacts
  • Dancing
  • A castle tour (if the day is held at Bolton Castle)