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The day begins with a two hour talk, usually split in to two sessions of one hour each.
The introduction is entitled, ‘How do we know?’ It explains how and why we use evidence to understand the past, with reference being made to the period being studied.

The rest of the talk encompasses:

•    The beginning of the Roman Empire
•    What was life like in pre-Roman Britain
•    Why did the Romans come to Britain? The invasion of AD 43
•    The Roman army and how it was organised
•    The life of the Roman soldier; the difference between the Legionary and the Auxiliary

The afternoon session is entirely practical, the students being split into four groups, dressed in period costume, then taking part in a round of activities.

These include:

•    Making a Roman oil lamp
•    Handling and drawing artefacts
•    Making and playing a Roman board game
•    Roman spear drill, including forming a Testudo