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Bolton Castle


Bolton Castle

Bolton Castle was completed over 600 years ago, and has a chequered history; it’s most famous ‘guest’ probably being Mary Queen of Scots. Its current owner is Lord Bolton, Harry Orde-Powlett, who can trace his family through marriage back to the original builder, Lord Scrope.

Being one of the few castles in this country still in private hands, there is great scope for a range of activities that will really bring home to your students what life was like for their ancestors.

Archery, dancing, spear drill, pottery and calligraphy all take place in areas where they have been practised for 600 years. The courtyard can echo to commands, or the great chamber brought alive to the sound of music that Mary herself might well have danced to.

Parade at the Castle

Parade at the Castle

Roaring fires supported by candle light create an atmosphere that is truly unbeatable in providing an unforgettable day of ‘Living History’.

Meals can be provided through the castle, although you can bring your own and have them laid out in a genuine setting for the period you are studying; Medieval, Tudor or the English Civil War.

Prices will vary depending on your requirements.

Advice will be given on the type of food applicable if you prefer to ‘do it yourself’.

Cost per student is £12.50, which includes the entry to the castle.

The maximum number of students is 40 – small groups can be catered for by arrangement – please contact me to discuss your needs.

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