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Welcome to Timetalks


My name is Dave Manning, a teacher in Bradford for over 30 years, and Timetalks is the company I have established to enable me to pursue my passion for history, and most especially, Living History.

Acting on the premise that real understanding is achieved through actually doing something, I have used a hands-on approach to history since the early eighties. I have incorporated this style into my teaching with students from Year 5 to Post 16 and since 1992 I have worked closely with Dave Thirwall, the founder and manager of Danelaw, the Living History site based at Murton Park near York.

We can offer you a half-day talk or a full day of activities, tailored to suit your needs.  We specialise in depicting the life of characters living in the Roman, Viking, Medieval and Tudor/Stuart periods, and life during the more recent conflicts of the 20th Century.

As Education Officer for Castle Bolton (near Leyburn, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire), I can arrange an unforgettable day for your students at this inimitable and unique location.

Should you be interested in a period of history not listed, please, get in touch.  If we can’t tailor a day to meet your requirements, we will try our best to find someone who can.

I look forward to meeting both you and your students in the future.

Best wishes,

Dave Manning